Thank you for visiting my site.  From my childhood Brownie to my current digital mirrorless Sony, I have a long history of seeing things my own way.   My first SLR was my treasured Minolta SRT101 (which I still have!). Although my career included many years as a studio camera operator in television production, I was never without my still camera and my appreciation of stopping time increased through the years. 


Now that there is spectacular software to manipulate photos and turn them into artworks, it is even more exciting to have the advantages of digital shooting and processing.


Please take your time and see Southern California through my eyes!  I will show you landscapes, buildings, cityscapes, cemeteries, theaters,  and places of interest in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, and Ventura.   I have set apart collections of steps and stairs, umbrellas, windows, places to sit and relax, and flowers, some of my favorite subjects.  From the mountains to the ocean, my treatments will have you asking for more.  Be sure to check out my shop where you can customize products with these images or just pick a print for your wall.  Come back and visit often - I update frequently.